Alan has significant experience in Taxi Operations and Regulation, including the following projects;

City of Edinburgh Taxi Licensing Conditions (for City of Edinburgh Council); Alan managed a project to review taxi and private hire car conditions for the City of Edinburgh, in particular the “tight turning circle” requirement. Sliding doors and access ramps were also considered. The recommendation to remove the turning circle requirement has since been implemented.

Review of Dundee Taxicard Scheme (for Tayside Regional Council); Alan carried out a thorough appraisal of operational and administrative aspects of this Scheme, which provided discounts on taxi fares to eligible groups (principally people with disabilities). He made recommendations on modifications to improve efficiency and reduce abuse. The study included comprehensive comparisons with other schemes in the UK.

Research on TaxiCards in the UK (for MCL consultancy); This study examined TaxiCard schemes throughout the UK, including an appraisal of costs and comparisons with Dial-a-Ride schemes and conventional OAP bus and rail concession schemes.

The availability and supply of taxis was also considered by Alan in the Durham Accessibility Study.

In some circumstances where demand is low and/or diffuse, taxis can be a viable substitute for conventional public transport, being the ultimate form of Demand Responsive Transport. Alan has experience of considering such issues in a variety of locations, including East Lothian and the Borders in Scotland, as well as in Abu Dhabi (UAE).