PT Support

The extent and nature of government support for bus services and other public transit varies across the world. One of the aims of successive UK government transport reforms since 1985 has been to reduce financial support for transport, but while there were initial successes the recent trend has been to increased support. As far as buses are concerned, in 2000/1 fares paid accounted for 67% of total bus operating costs in Great Britain (the highest ratio in Europe) – by 2009/10 this ratio had fallen to 53%. For some more information on this subject, follow the link below.
Overview of Bus Industry Performance in Great Britain since Deregulation.

Considering the nature and extent of financial support has been a feature of much of Alan’s work over the last 35 years; he has at various times in his career had relevant experience as a bus company manager and as a public funder, as well as in consultancy work, and both in the UK and the Arabian Gulf. Some notable projects are listed below.




As a manager at Midland Scottish, and other companies in the Scottish Bus Group, Alan dealt with financial support for bus services on a day-to-day basis, both pre- and post-deregulation. The subject was also a key issue in the Scottish Bus Group Market Analysis Project (SCOTMAP), which Alan managed at both Midland Scottish and Northern Scottish.


As a Public Transport Planner at Milton Keynes Development Corporation in the 1970s, Alan regularly negotiated with bus companies over service support.