Regulation and Organisation

Alan has recently provided specialist input to a Policy and Regulation study for the Abu Dhabi Department of Transport, as a sub-consultant to MVA. This comprised a complete review of the existing legal framework concerning public transport, including issues such as operator and route regulation, ownership structures and franchising, safety, the environment, monitoring and compliance. Alan was particularly responsible for reviewing existing conditions, and funding options, for buses and taxis.

Also recently, while with Atkins, he worked on production of the National Transport Plan and White Paper  for the UAE National Transport Authority. He provided general and specialist input to this major study, in which public transport plays a key role in enabling the modal transfer necessary to facilitate inter-Emirate movement in the UAE.

Earlier, as a senior manager in the Scottish Bus Group during the period of Bus Deregulation and Privatisation (1985 to 1991), he was heavily involved in managing change in bus companies and successfully adapting to the new regime.

Dr Paul A Barter has authored an excellent paper, “Public planning with business delivery of excellent urban public transport“, which analyses different models of engagement by the public sector in the planning and operation of bus services. This distinguishes five worldwide models:

  • Public monopoly,
  • Proactive planning with service contracts,
  • Well-regulated Franchises,
  • Passive Franchises, and
  • Deregulation

See also Alan Howes’ article “Overview of Bus Iindustry Performance in Great Britain since Deregulation” on this site.