PT Timetables, Maps and Leaflets

Leaflets, Brochures and Booklets are one of the oldest means of presenting Public Transport Information, but are still highly valued by many passengers.

Leaflets may include timetables, frequency guides, maps or a combination of these, along with other information. Frequency Guides, which are much briefer and comprehensible than conventional timetables, do not give exact bus times and are very appropriate for services running reasonably frequently.

Many bus operators include downloadable pdf versions of their timetable and/or map leaflets on their website. Links to some examples are provided below.

City of Derby, Frequency Guide and Network Map
Ipswich Buses, timetable leaflet with route map
Ipswich Buses, route network map
Seattle Frequent Network Map (not published as a leaflet)
Lothian Buses (Edinburgh), timetable leaflet
Punchbowl Bus Co (Sydney, Australia) timetable leaflet with map