Personal Rapid Transit (PRT)

Personal Rapid Transit is a mode of public transport using small automated vehicles (usually battery powered) operating on a network of specially built guide ways.

While working with consultant Colin Buchanan (CB), Alan was involved in a proposal for a PRT system in Durham as part of the Durham Accessibility Study. CB also worked on proposals for PRT in other locations, including Daventry in central England.

Our view is that there are places where PRT would add value to a transport system – the ideal application would probably be in a low-density urban area, preferably where PRT could be built in from the start. Developing cities in the Arabian Gulf are a good example – there is already a small PRT in operation in Masdar City, Abu Dhabi.

Some Links on PRT

New PRT application at London Heathrow T5
London Heathrow Central Terminal Area study (possible PRT application)
Masdar City PRT on YouTube
Morgantown PRT (first application, 1975 – arguably not a “true” PRT)

Ultra website (PRT provider, UK)
2getthere website (PRT provider, Netherlands)
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