Public Transport Planning

Public Transport Planning covers a wide field, including short- and long-term route planning, infrastructure planning and the contribution of transport to urban planning.
Alan Howes is highly experienced in all aspects of planning for buses and other public transport modes, having worked on over 30 planning projects covering a similar number of cities, plus inter-city and rural services. Information about individual projects can be found on his CV. Some general information about bus service planning can be found here, and a full list of our experience here.

Alan spent some six years with the Scottish Bus Group managing the Scottish Market Analysis Project (SCOTMAP), in North-East Scotland and the Scottish Midlands. The project involved a complete re-planning of the area’s bus services to attract more passengers, reduce costs and reduce dependence on public support. The bus networks Alan planned achieved these objectives. More recently, he has worked on various bus route planning projects in Edinburgh. Earlier in his career, he worked with the Milton Keynes Development Corporation planning bus services for the New City of Milton Keynes.

In England, he has planned bus services in a number of cities including Bristol, Gloucester, the Medway Towns and Durham, as well as working on tram service planning in Sutton, Greater London.

Overseas, he has planned bus services in Abu Dhabi, Dubai (for two years) and throughout Saudi Arabia (for three years), as well as in Kuwait, Mumbai, India and  Urumqi, China.

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