Business Case Development

It is often necessary to make a financial case for an improvement in public transport, in order to satisfy stakeholders – often in order to qualify for grant assistance.

Alan Howes has wide experience of such procedures, including the following;

Park and Ride Operations Study, Scotland; Alan managed a project to develop and appraise (following STAG principles) procurement, network and operational options for Park and Ride bus services to serve three existing and four proposed Park and Ride sites in North-East Scotland, involving two local authorities and the Nestrans Regional Transport Partnership.

Weymouth Portland Olympic Transport Package Major Scheme Bid; Alan provided specialist input in order to secure improved bus services to support this bid. This involved refining the client objectives and generating proposals, especially to improve town centre interchange in Weymouth. It also involved liaison with bus operators. (for Dorset County Council)

Tramlink extension – Sutton Town Centre; Alan reviewed forecast traffic levels, and advised on PT feasibility, of a proposed Croydon Tramlink extension to Sutton. (for the London Borough of Sutton)

Support for Proposal to operate Bus Services, Saudi Arabia; Alan was responsible for preparation of a tender document for a contract to operate over 300 buses over a 12-year period in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia. This involved planning for an exceptionally high quality of operation. (for SAPTCO)

Bus Route Development Grant (Kick-start) bids, Scottish Borders and Midlothian; Alan was project manager for, and provided main professional input to, preparation and/or appraisal of four bids under this scheme to STAG (Scottish Transport Appraisal Guidelines) standard, and advice on general bid content. All four bids were successful in gaining funding from the Scottish Executive. (Clients: the respective Councils)

Greater Bristol Bus Network, TIF Bid; Alan provided specialist input in order to secure improved bus services to support this bid. This involved generating innovative proposals to improve not only the “hard” attributes of routing, timetables and journey time, but also “soft” factors such as vehicle quality, branding etc. (for the West of England Partnership)

Inverurie Challenge Fund Bid; Alan appraised the transportation aspects of the above bid, aimed at securing funding for infrastructure projects to benefit the local economy and environment. This involved assessment of the effects of various proposals on modal transport choice, and formulation of alternatives. (for Aberdeenshire Council)