Bus Stations etc

Alan Howes has wide experience in both planning and operating bus stations. He has carried out particular studies of dynamic bus stations (a concept widely followed in the Netherlands); such arrangements have potential for reducing land-take by bus facilities in urban centres.

As Managing Director of Scottish Citylink Coaches in the late 1980s he was responsible for the management of Buchanan Bus Station, the largest in Scotland. He was also responsible for the St Andrew Square Bus Station in Edinburgh.

As a consultant, he has taken significant roles in the following projects;

Redevelopment of St Andrew Square Bus Station (for Lothian Regional Council); Alan provided advice on operational and management aspects in connection with refurbishment/redevelopment proposals (with Arup).

New Bus Station, Portsmouth  (for Portsmouth City Council); Alan investigated three possible locations for a new bus station in the centre of Portsmouth, to replace the existing on-street facilities.

Livingston Bus Facilities Study Phases 1 and 2 (for West Lothian Council); in Phase 1, Alan carried out a study of passenger movements in and out of Livingston bus station based on Electronic Ticket Machine data and passenger interviews, and gave advice to the client on the implications of the findings. In Phase 2, he made an examination of options in respect of bus terminal and related passenger, facilities in central Livingston. He also gave advice on the likely implications for bus operators and passengers, and the appropriate level of facilities to be provided. Much of the recommendations were adopted in due course.

Central Milton Keynes Bus Movements (for Buckinghamshire CC); Alan conducted a study of the implications for bus operators, passengers etc. of proposed infrastructure changes adjacent to the Central Milton Keynes shopping building.

As part of the Transport for Medway project (for Medway Council); Alan carried out an examination of the Pentagon bus station in Chatham, reviewing current operations and capacity limitations, and assessing other means of provision, in particular dynamic bus stations.

Durham Accessibility Study; As part of this study, Alan carried out a review of usage and facilities at the bus station, including considering the possibility of a “dynamic bus station” solution. Some improvements have since taken place, based on part on his recommendations.