AHA Experience in Bus Rapid Transit (BRT)

Edinburgh Western Corridor Busway (Fastlink)
In 1991, Alan Howes provided advice on operational and management aspects of the proposed segregated busway to Lothian Regional Council, as a sub-consultant to Arup.

The 1.5 km bi-directional guided busway opened in December 2004, and provided significant benefits in terms of bus running time and reliability. However, it closed in January 2008 for conversion to a tramway as part of the Edinburgh Tram project, which is now unlikely to open before 2014.
2006 Powerpoint Presentation on Edinburgh Fastlink

Greater Manchester Busway Transit
In the early 1990s, Alan Howes provided input to a study of the establishment of “Quality Bus Corridors” in Greater Manchester, including in particular forming partnerships with operators. His input also covered the securing of quality improvements in vehicles, customer care, reliability, information, terminals and bus stops etc. The client was GMPTE, and Alan acted as a sub-consultant to Mott MacDonald. This work prepared the way for later projects which are now seeing their first fruits as the Leigh-Salford-Manchester Busway, which has now been given the go-ahead.